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Market Crash But 3 Coin For invest Now & Earn Good Profit


My initial Hello Friends,

Many of our friends are trading inspite of the market is crashed and earning good profit.

In this situation I suggest you some coins that may give you nice profit within 15 days if you are ready to take risk

 1. ZEC

Now ZEC Coinn is a good coin for invest. The price of the coin is 0.067 now and it will hit upto 0.1 after the recovery of the market. Within two week you you will get around 50% profit.


The price of  Waves Coin is only 0.00110. It is good coin for trading for short and long term. It will hit by 0.00130 to 0.00140 shortly. It is good option for investment.

3. NEO

There was very fluction in Neo Coin in last week. The price of it now  0.0660. After 30th Sept. the market go normal. It may high around 0.13+ means almost double. It will give you such profit within 3 weeks.


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