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Good Coin For Invest Now January to March

Friends, from long time you are sending messages and commenting on which coin should we invest so that it will give good profit in short period. I suggest some coins that it will give you strong profit upto 50% within the period of 10 days to 3 months.

1. Ethereum

First of all we have the option of Ethereum Coin. its current price is 0.05799997 Sat and it will be at least double in future.

2. Sia Coin

The price of Sia Coin is around 0.00000200 Sat and it will go minimum 0.00000500 Sat.

3. Dgb

The price of Digibyte is around 0.00000440 Sat and it wil reach easily at 0.00001000 Sat.

4. Cvc

Friends, the price of Civic is around 0.00008500 Sat and it will be 0.00015000 Sat.

5. Fldc

Folding Coins price isi around 0.00000390 Sat and it will easily at  0.00001200 Sat.

6. Etc 

There is another option you have of Ethereum Classic its price is around 0.00205000 Sat and it will go upto 0.00500000 Sat.

7. Bat

Basic Attention Token is also give you best profit. its price is around 0.00003900 Sat and it will go easily around 0.00008000 Sat.

8. Lbc

LBRY is also good coin. its price is around 0.00006100 Sat and it will hike upto 0.00012000 Sat.

9. Burst

Burst Coin is a good profitable coin. its price is around 0.00000340 Sat and hope it will go upto 0.00000800 Sat easily.

10. Nav

The price of Nav Coin is around 0.00022000 Sat and it will go upto 0.00050000 Sat.

11. Doge

Doge Coin is a good option. The price of it is around 0.00000060 Sat and it will be at 0.00000140 Sat.

12. Bcn

Byte coin is now undervalue. The price of it is around 0.00000040 Sat and it will be around 0.00000120 Sat.

13. Stratis

Strais Coin is undervalue coin the price is around 0.00100000 Sat and it hope it will be easily at 0.00240000 Sat. 

14. Hmq

Humaniq Coin is also a strong coin. Its price is around 0.00003800 Sat and it will go around 0.00008500 Sat.

Friends, I have suggested all the strong coins to you by this post. Its the world of Cryptocurrency. Buy the coins of 50% directly as you wish and Bid Down by 20-30-50% so that the market goes down for short term, you will get the coins in low price.

Friends, investment is your responsibilty. I am not responsible for your any loss.


Thank You

Global Rashid


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