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how to Buy/Sell, if BitCoin Got Banned

Hello Friends,

There is a news that there will ban on Bitcoin in India. Most of the  people are worried about how we can sell or buy in that situation? I  explain all things to you.

What is the difference between centralization and decentralization?

First of all you have to understand the difference between Centralized or Decentralized. Friends! There are many banks in India. Whether it may be government or private. All the banks are Centralized means under the control of the Government. As per government instruction bank has to work. If Govt. decides to close any bank for 3 days, bank has to remain close for the period. Because bank works under Govt. control and it called Centralization.

Bitcoin is Decentralized.

Decentralized means no control of any State or Central Govt. Bitcoin moves by internet app. Any transation of Bitcoin is person to person. There is no interfearance of third party or any Bank. We transfer it in whole world. It means it is Decentralization.

What will happen if Govt. ban on Zebpay/Unocoin/Btcxindia?

Many people asking that what will happen if Govt. ban on Zebpay/Unocoin/Btcxindia? Friends! All the exchanges work Legally. They take all the fees and taxes from us and pays to the Govt. All the transactions by Bitcoin app are legally that we are paying from our bank accounts. For the updation of KYC we give Pan card details to the bank compulsory so that we should buy or sell the Bitcoin. If the Govt. ban on the Bitcoin Exchange; you can buy or sell Bitcoins to person-to-person. Suppose you have to sell Bitcoin and someone wish to buy Bitcoin in this situation Buyer will transfer the amount in your account directly and you can send the Bitcoin to the buyer. It is very simple and easy process of it. So you should not afraid of the ban on Bitcoin.

Hope this is very helpful post to you all viewers and followers.


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