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Why the Ok Cash so down and How much it may down?

Friends! There such people they have bought Ok Cash in high price. The price of the Cash is down by price 0.00003600 Sat to 0.00003333 Sat. But they need not so worry that it may go down upto to 0.00002500 sat.


  • Whay the price going down of Ok Cash?
  • Friends! You know that on 25th October there is again hard fork and one coin will launch namely Bitcoin Gold in the market. At the time of first hard fork, the Bitcoin Cash entered in the market. In this situation many people sell Altcoin and hold the Bitcoin. It happened with all the coins not only about Ok Cash.


  • Should we hold or sell Ok Cash?
  • Friends! I have explained that Ok Cash will go down maximum at  0.00002500 sat. After the price of it will increase slowly. If you hold the Ok Cash upto 3 months, you will get good profit. If you want profit, you have to understand the Cryptocurrency trading. Some people think that this industry is a shortcut to become rich. But if you did not keep patience this trade will make you poor also. Select the good coins before buying, keep patience then you will get definitely a very good profit in the Cryptocurrency trading.
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